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Star Atlas is many things--from a fully decentralized gaming experience built on top of the Solana blockchain to an expansive galaxy full of new species, characters, ships, and adventures. It is an immersive metaverse gaming experience and more.
While ATMTA, Inc. is a developer of Star Atlas, it is not the only one. Countless others have joined us in developing various aspects of Star Atlas, including software that works with Star Atlas NFTs, blockchain analytics tools, websites, guides, video reviews, 2D and 3D gaming experiences, merchandise, and more.
We are looking for even more builders and entrepreneurs--from software devs to artists and writers and beyond.
No matter what your skill set or what your idea is, this site will help you get started on your journey to start building your own vision for Star Atlas.

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This site hosts resources for builders in two main categories:
First, we have placed creative assets--art, logos, audiovisual assets--into the Star Atlas Canon, which is a repository for various intellectual property assets that you can use as a starting point for your own creations. Subject to some requirements described in the Creative Assets section, whether you are making board games, software, media, merch, whatever--you can actually monetize your creations as well!
Second, we have put together technical documentation for developers across several categories in the Dev Resources section. From our APIs to on-chain programs, these docs will help you leverage every aspect of the Star Atlas technical ecosystem to create your own experience.

Feedback Appreciated!

Please note that this page is a work in progress and depends on feedback from builders like you. Come find us in the #Build section of the Star Atlas Discord and we will build the future of the decentralized metaverse together.