How To Setup F-Kit in Your Project

  • Open Epic Games Launcher and launch your installed version of Unreal Engine

  • Create a new project and select C++ as project template

  • Close the editor and open the folder where the Project is located (e.g., C:\UnrealEngine\SampleProject

  • Create a new Plugins folder at the root directory

  • Copy your plugin within the Plugins directory

  • Right-click .uproject file located at the root and select Generate Visual Studio project files

  • Double-click .sln file and open the project solution with your C++ IDE (Rider or Visual Studio)

  • Open the file located under Source/<ProjectName>/<ProjectName>.build.cs

  • Addj to PublicDependencyModuleNames the plugin module name you want to use in C++. In our case the module we want to use is Foundation

  • Open the .uproject file

  • Add the plugin name you want to use for your project

  • Close your IDE and generate project files again. Right-click .uproject file on the root directory and select Generate Visual Studio project files

  • Open your project solution .sln

  • You can now start using your plugin in C++

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