Building With Star Atlas Creative IP

Build your own business based on Star Atlas intellectual property

The Star Atlas Terms of Service enable builders to use certain Star Atlas intellectual property in order to create almost anything they want, and to commercialize their efforts subject to a few requirements.

Commercializing Your Product or Service

The Terms of Service provide the necessary detail you need to get started building on Star Atlas IP, but in a nutshell the process is this:

  1. Fill out the Creators Form.

  2. Download the creative assets that you need for your project from the repository located at the Star Atlas Canon. If you need other assets, feel free to ask and we can consider whether to add them to the repository.

  3. Start building!

  4. If your product or service exceeds $1 million USD in lifetime Gross Revenue (which includes revenue received by you or any other person or entity), you will need to contact us, fill out the Royalty Form, and start reporting and paying royalties according to the table in the Royalties section.

  5. You'll need to adhere to other requirements outlined in the Terms of Service. Some notable requirements are summarized in the User Services Requirements section.

Creators Form

After you have reviewed the Star Atlas Terms of Service closely and developed an idea of your own, you will need to fill out the User Services Release Form in the Creators Form section to provide us with some basic information about yourself and your product or service.

If your project has generated over $1 million USD in lifetime Gross Revenue such that you begin to owe royalties for the use of Star Atlas IP, you should reach out to us at and fill out the royalty form in the Royalty Form section (coming soon) so you can continue maintaining your project.


Connect with us in the #Build section of the Star Atlas Discord and we will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing what you build!

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