Star Atlas: Powered by the People

A unique logo that you should use on your product or service

Please note that you may not use Star Atlas trademarks as they are not part of the repository and could cause confusion or dilution--meaning the name "Star Atlas" and the stylized "Star Atlas" and "A" logos. For example, you cannot call your product "Star Atlas Bedsheets" (although something like "Punaab Bedsheets" would be acceptable).

Instead, you should use this special "Star Atlas: Powered by the People" logo:

You may recolor the triangle and box behind "Powered by the People" to a variety of different colors to suit the needs of your product--just make sure the triangle and box have the same color. If you would like to make any additional edits to the logo, please contact us first at

The "Star Atlas: Powered by the People" logo should appear on any standalone product and in your marketing and website for the product. If it is not feasible to add the logo to your product, please let us know.

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