User Services Requirements

A few notable requirements you need to follow

The Star Atlas Terms of Service set forth the detailed requirements for all User Services (products and services that you create using Star Atlas IP found in the Canon). A summary of some notable requirements is below, but please refer to the Terms of Service for controlling language.

  • Notify Us. You must complete the Creators' Form to get started.

  • Disclaimer. You must include this disclaimer prominently: “[Name of Your User Service] is inspired by Star Atlas. STAR ATLAS and STAR ATLAS: POWERED BY THE PEOPLE are trademarks or registered trademarks of ATMTA, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.”

  • Quality Control. We impose quality control requirements on any community creations at our discretion. We will not tolerate any inappropriate uses, including, but not limited to, scams, misleading information, hate speech, personal attacks, harassment, or illegal activities.

  • Royalties. For revenue generated (whether received by you or others) beyond the first $1 million USD in lifetime Gross Revenue, you will need to pay certain Royalties. You will also need to fill out a Royalties Form (coming soon) and contact us for further information on payment.

  • Accurate Records. You must keep accurate records, including about your revenue generated. We may ask to review such records from time to time.

  • Electronic Games. For electronic games (such as videogames, console games, PC games, mobile app games), you will need to obtain advance written permission and a custom license from us first.

  • ATLAS, POLIS, and Star Atlas NFT Integration. If feasible and practical, you must accept ATLAS and/or POLIS as a payment option and integrate the use of Star Atlas NFTs. Payment implementation options include:

  • Do Not Use "Star Atlas." You may not use "Star Atlas" (or the stylized "Star Atlas" or "A" logos) in your creations or in the name of your product or service.

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